Updated: 2/4/2021

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  • By: Nathan WyantPd.5Chapter 6
  • "Caught"
  • Equality has not written in a while because he did not remember to watch the time and ended up not getting to the theater on time.
  • "We forgot, that night, to watch the sand in the glass which tells us when three hourshave passed and it is time to return to the City Theatre."
  • The only option was to go back to the house of the street sweepers, but when Equality arrived he was questioned, and this is how he answered.
  • "Where have you been?"
  • "We will not tell you."
  • They had no remorse or second thoughts. The House leader immediately sentenced Equality to the palace of Corrective Detention and ordered lashings until the truth came out.
  • "Take our brother Equality 7-2521 to the palace of Corrective Detention. Lash them until they tell."
  • While at the palace of Corrective Detention Equality was beat until he told where he was. However he never told, he knew that he could take the beating, but couldn't take when would happen if his secret place was taken away.
  • "The Light...The light...The light..."
  • Equality continued to get beat until he was knocked out with his final words being, "The Light...The light...The light..."
  • Finally, Equality escapes the Palace of Corrective Detention while no one is looking and returns to his tunnel. He then plans to take his box with the light to the council of scholars the next chance he gets.
  • "Tomorrow, in the full light of day, we shall take our box, and leave our tunnel open, and walk through the streets to the Home of the Scholars."