Animal Farm- Chapter 1
Updated: 1/22/2019
Animal Farm- Chapter 1

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  • On Manor Farm, a drunken Mr. Jones locks the hen house before going home and getting more beer before going to bed. All of the farm animals rush to the barn to hear about Old Major's strange dream from the night before.
  • I hope it's important!
  • I wonder what Major's dream could be?
  • As everyone begins to settle in the barn, Old major is sitting in his hay, getting ready tp give his speech.
  • My days are numbered, and after I'm gone, I want you to rise up against man. I want you to resist all actions similar to that of man, for all he does is steal, kill, and destroy.
  • My dream last night was about an Earth without man, where animals roamed free. It reminded me of a song my mother had sung to me as a child called Beasts of England.
  • After hearing all of this, the animals began to celebrate, singing the song over and over again without ceasing.
  • All of the noise in the barn caused Mr.Jones to wake up and rush outside to make sure there wasn't a fox in the yard. He fired a shot from his gun into the darkness of the night heading back inside. All of the animals settled down and were asleep in no time.
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