War of 1812
Updated: 1/29/2021
War of 1812

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  • War Hawks are people who want war. The southern and western part of the US had the strongest support for war.
  • Jefferson reduced spending on defense, so the US only had 16 ships. Also, the army was small and ill-equipped.
  • British ships landed in Chesapeake Bay, defeated American ships and headed to Washington D.C. There, they burned the White House and other federal buildings.
  • Delegates ended the protesting by signing the Treaty of Ghent. This treaty ended the War of 1812.
  • Fort McHenry was the key to Baltimore Harbor's defense. British soldiers bombarded Fort McHenry from the evening until dawn, but with the American flag still waving in the morning, the American soldiers won and the battle is now over.
  • The Hartford Convention, which took place on December 1814, consisted mainly of Federalists.