Tour of Rome for Mr.Ackley
Updated: 1/13/2021
Tour of Rome for Mr.Ackley

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome class! I gathered all of our citizens to welcome you to Rome! I will now show you around and introduce you to some extra important people!
  • Hi again! Welcome to the colosseum, meet my friend Gengurdam the Great!
  • Hello I am Gengurdam the Great and I compete for the death in gladiator battles I have never lost and am the long reigning champ!
  • I see you’ve made your way! This is the Pantheon, I met this young man on the way in he will tell you what they do here:
  • Hello here in the Pantheon we come here to worship our Gods, we do this by sacrificing things and praying, we sacrifice things like animals and valuables. Today I came to sacrifice some of my valuable things.
  • Why hello sir, we are the Jameson’s to answer your question the inside is huge it has lots of rooms and includes heating as well as plumbing!!
  • This is a Roman Villa and this old couple lives here let’s ask them what it is like inside!
  • This is the amphitheater this where there are many acts of comedy and drama that take place her- WhOh WhAtS HaPeNnIng...
  • ......Hey how’d I get back here... uh oh... I’ll see you on our next adventure
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