arctic fox 4 school
Updated: 1/17/2020
arctic fox 4 school
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  • once, there lived an arctic fox.He was the head of his pride , and therfore in charge of hunting and protecting the foxes in the pride
  • he hunted trough the snow caching hares by using his coat to blend in with the thick snow.This is called camoflauge,and the fox used it in order to catch food.
  • one day the food supply had shortened,there wasnt eough food for every animal,so they started to die out
  • The animals knew they wouldnt survive for long, so they moved somewhere else, this is called behavioral adaptation,
  • A few days later they found a pond and a cave enough for them to survive this is where the new generaations would be raised.
  • they slowly adapted to better fit where they lived, their new generations completely changed to survive in places, like caves
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