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how dogs got fur
Updated: 9/27/2019
how dogs got fur
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  • we need to move else where.
  • food is becoming very scarce, we have a serious situation and need to make a move soon.
  • speak or come to me with any ideas
  • can we make blankets out of big leaves
  • we shall build a fire
  • come in all together, if we stay close to each other our body warmth should be enough for the night.
  • we will figure something out in the morning, for now get some rest
  • one day in the desert there was a group of dogs. these dogs were hairless, due to the fact that they lived in extreme heat. The dogs had been living there for generations and generations, they had explored every part of the desert for food and other resources.
  • I hope we find food soon.
  • I'm so cold
  • The move was a dramatic change, it was very cold and different. They found shelter, but it wasn't enough to keep them warm. The team leader than realized he had to find them a solution soon in order to survive. The team leader then had a discussion with the rest of the dogs about what they were going to do.
  • we agree to your terms.
  • I want you to promise, that whenever I need you, you will be there
  • Iam going to make a spell for generations and generations to have fur, although if you ever break this promise the spell will break as well.
  • All of these ideas were great, but not possible for them to do.
  • We are nervous, but sure of what we want.
  • The next morning they went to go look for food, and while they were exploring they passed a wise bears hut. The wise bear heard something and came out and saw how the dogs were suffering and so cold.
  • He wanted to help them out but wanted something in return. The wise bear then called the dogs. The wise bear took them back tom his hut.
  • The wise bear then made the spell and the dogs were able to survive. The only thing the dogs didn't see coming was the fact that they had to basically serve him for the rest of their lives. They knew at the end of the day, it was all going to be worth it because it was for the better of the new generations to come. The End.
  • are you sure you want to move forward with this?
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