Pandora's Box
Updated: 4/7/2021
Pandora's Box

Storyboard Description

For Mrs.Trask

Storyboard Text

  • once there was a tail of two brothers. Prometheus and Epimethius.
  • The two of them would always cause trouble. But one day they caused too much trouble and made the god Zeus very upset.
  • When Zeus got mad he made a beautiful girl out of clay. Her name was Pandora. 
  • Zeus asked the goddess Athena to bring Pandora to life and to do something very sinister. 
  • Pandora's mission was to marry Prometheus. But to also give him a box. Inside the box was unknown to Pandora but that didn't stop her from finding out
  • While cleaning Pandora found the box she was given. She wanted to know what was in it. But when she found out what was inside, it made her scream, a spine chilling scream.