Morel of Story
Updated: 1/4/2021
Morel of Story

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This is a graphic novel comic depicting myself, Ryan Chartrand and my families enjoyment for morel mushroom hunting and the rules behind it. The growing season is just a little over a month long once a year. They are not easy to locate, but if you are patient, you can find them in certain wooded areas. Some people, like my dad, like to use a walking stick. My mom likes to use a net bag to put the morels in, so that the spores that fall out will grow new morels for next year. Cooking them is the best part. They are a delicacy to enjoy after finding them!

Storyboard Text

  • "The MOREL Of My Story"By: Ryan Chartrand
  • Have you ever heard of Morel Mushroom Hunting?
  • You will have to go into the woods to find Morels. They are not easy to find.
  • Greenhouse Contains ZERO Morel Mushrooms
  • Ryan takes us into the woods to demonstrate a place to look for morels.
  • Ryan goes into the woods to demonstrate what area's are best to find morels.
  • The first morels that grow up are black, then brown. Last, yellow ones grow.
  • MAY
  • Ryan takes note of just how short the Morel growing season is, and starts to panic.
  • Growing season is from the last week in April & the whole month of May and that's ALL!
  • Ryan runs downstairs to ask if his parents want to join him mushroom hunting...
  • "Mom! Dad! Let's go hunt em' down!"
  • Ryan was very happy to see that his dad and mom were eager to go hunting, it's one of their favorite things to do!
  • "I have my sturdy hunting stick!",
  • "Here's the net for the morels!"
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