forces project vanessa garcia
Updated: 2/2/2020
forces project vanessa garcia
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  • Gravity
  • *Gravity*
  • Oh my gosh! I'm falling!! There has been rumors that those who fall begin floating up into the air!!
  • Gravity
  • I have made it to the ground.. How can this be?
  • You are safe! Because of me. You're Welcome.. The force of gravity, I am all around and cause a gravitational pull down on objects with mass! 
  • *Gravity*
  • Friction
  • I wanted to show you that friction is all around us and it is the resistance of an object moving toward another
  • As you are sliding down right now, your body is creating sliding friction which is caused by and 'electromagnetic' attraction between two surfaces!
  • *friction*
  • Why did you need me to slide down the slide as an example of friction?
  • Elasticity
  • This was my first time bungee jumping! When I was near the ground I almost tried climbing up my cord!!
  • The elastic forces are always working with us during this! All the elasticity in your bungee cord allows it to change form, and with force it returns back to its original form!
  • You almost fainted when you were near the ground.. But i am ALWAYS here at all times!
  • Magnetism
  • Mom, why do these magnets always stick easily to the fridge??
  • simply, because of the force of magnetism!!
  • Magnetism
  • What does that mean?
  • well.. not so simple i guess. The force of magnetism is between two electrically charged things. This being something that can attract or repel!
  • *elasticity*
  • Good thing not everything is magnetic then..
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