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Updated: 12/11/2018
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  • Alicia landed in the Pacific Ocean with her friend Rosa. Then still didn´t know where their exact location was, all they knew is that they were together.
  • Alicia, was always part of the normal kitchen activities. Such as cleaning food/dishes. One day she was used to boil some pasta. When she was strained she fell on the floor where there was a drain she was falling down the drain and didn´t know where she was going.
  • Alicia and Rosa were risen into the clouds until night time. Alicia knew what was happening, she was going through the water cycle. 
  • Alicia and Rosa then start to move up towards the sky. Not knowing what is happening they just ended up enjoying the time they had, and flew up into the clouds.
  • The next morning, Alicia and Rosa woke up to a big rumble. The rumble was thunder, vigorously flashing lightning everywhere. A thunderstorm was approaching a nearby farm. Rain started to pour down on this farm very hard. ALicia and Rosa, one of the many water droplets falling from the cloud, were excited for this ride!
  • When night later turned into day, Alicia and Rosa settled down for the night in a fluffy, soft cloud. All night long they slept in the cloud.
  • Alicia was then soaked up into the soil with other water droplets that fell to the ground with her. Sneaking into every curve and/or hole that was nearby. But Alicia did not get soaked up into the ground, she did not fill every hole or curve, she just didn´t ¨sink¨ she stayed on top of the soil like a boat.
  • When falling from the sky, Rosa and Alicia got separated on the journey down from the cloud. Alicia then landed in wheat field owned by Mr. Rey.
  • Alicia was terrified, but she couldn´t do anything! The farmer they went right near her and started to dig up the soil. After the soil was gone, he placed a wheat plant into the ground on top of Alicia.
  • Alicia looks up as she hears what sounds like footsteps. What she sees is a burly farmer walking directly towards her. Terrified, she stays still hoping the man wonders away from her position. But he just kept walking towards her with a tool to dig up soil. Petrified Alicia hoped for the best.
  • Alicia, was then used as hydration for the wheat plant. She used to produce sugar water for the wheat plant. She then helped the wheat go through photosynthesis! Alcia lived a happy life and was able to go through all parts of the water cycle!
  • Alicia was then still on the top of the soil as the plants started to grow into wheat. She started to get sucked into the plant and to be used as nutrients. She was not as scared as when the farmer approached her, but it was still confusing because of what was happening.
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