Prisoner B
Updated: 2/7/2020
Prisoner B

Storyboard Text

  • Krawkow, Poland
  • Plaszow Concentration Camp
  • Salt Mine Concentration Camp
  • In Chapter 3, Yanek and his family are taken out there home and moved to a Ghetto. The ghetto place is called Krawkow Poland. His parents lost their job and the ghetto was not a good place to live.
  • In Chapter 9 Yanek was forced to travel to Plazow Concentration Camp. His parents were taken to another place to be killed. At the camp Yanek did meet back with his uncle. Yanek was treated bad at the camp.
  • In Chapter 13 Yanek was in the Salt Mine then he saw a dead prisoner in the Salt Mine. He was an officer in the ghetto that the Jewish people remembered. He was murdered by those people with a shovel. They also threw salt on him