War of 1812
Updated: 2/20/2019
War of 1812

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  • Burning Washington's White House During the REVENGE OF BRITain army August 1814
  • York-Aftermath at after the battle at york for the first time
  • Tippecanoe
  • FREEDOM!!!
  • Winner: The Great Britain Result: The British are able to destroy most of Washington D.C. as revenge for the Americans burning of York (Toronto).
  • Fort Meigs
  • The United States Immediately destroyed York, after their victory, The Great Britain will get REVENGE on United States from burning of york named Toronto during the war for the first time.
  • York
  • Winner: The United States Result: The defeat at Tippecanoe prompted Tecumseh to ally his remaining forces with Great Britain during the War of 1812, where they would play an integral role in the British military success in the Great Lakes region in the coming years.
  • Bladensburg - Maryland
  • Winner: United States Result: American troops successfully defended the fort, however, and the British decided to abandon their siege and move on to Fort Stephenson.
  • Winner: United States Result: The battle did little to advance either side’s dominant control of Canadian waters, but the easy victory boosted American morale, fueling the fire for continued attempts at expansion into Canada.
  • Winner: Great Britain Result: The embarrassing defeat at Bladensburg, coupled with the destruction of Washington, D.C., depleted American morale.
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