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Updated: 3/27/2019
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  • There was a city in Mars called Fuze York City and this City was the biggest city in mars. It was said that 2.7 million people lived in the city.
  • We have too get an A+ in this class because if I don't my parents are going to kill me. So we have to finsish the project.
  • Claire, Toby, and Joe are in school to finish there bio preoject and if they don't Toby might be in trouble.
  • Just calm down. We are going to finish it after we check samples.
  • Oh know, the evil villian Dr. Doofenshimrtz is planning to take the cities main power core for energy.
  • I HAVE ONLY MADE ONE CREATURE. And that has tooken my whole power supply. How do I find more of the power. OHHHH. I know I can steal the cities power core.
  • Oh know!! Dr. Doofenshmirtz has took the power from the city. Everything in the city is going down.
  • My plan is complete!!!
  • Our 3 heroes Toby, Claire, and Joe have found the villain. And is under arrest.
  • YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!! For stealing the power from the whole city. 
  • Aye! I am gonna grab some popcorn.
  • Our heroes have saved the day from Dr. Doofenshmirtz and are relaxing buy watching a movie.
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