Sparta rise and fall

Updated: 10/15/2020
Sparta rise and fall

Storyboard Text

  • The Birth of Sparta (1150bc)
  • King Lacedaemon- I shall name this land after myself, Laconia!!!
  • Sparta- you better name the capitol after me or im not sleeping next to you tonight!
  • Messenian Wars (750bc-715bc)
  • AHHHHHHH!!!!
  • Commander- For Sparta to survive we must take whats ours over these mountains!!
  • Reforms of Lycurgus (700bc)
  • Lycurgus- I received divine guidance from Apollo himself
  • Oracle- Your laws and divine advice will be followed by the people
  • In 1150bc settlers from the north so called descendants of Hercules moved south to reclaim their old generations land. King Lacedaemon took over the peninsula which he named Laconia and named the capitol Sparta. Lacedaemon named Laconia after himself and Sparta after his queen.
  • The Persian War (498bc-448bc)
  • In 750bc - 715bc Sparta had a population explosion happen forcing Sparta to start war with messinia to supply their people with food and land. Despite Messinia having a larger army and more land, Sparta was victorious. This win made Sparta the largest city state at 5,000 square miles.
  • The Peloponnesian War (431bc-405bc)
  • In 700bc a lawmaker named lycurgus passed a series of laws and ideas that were said to be given to him by the gods. The Oracle believed and endorsed the laws which got the people to follow.This militaristic government reform is what made Sparta into what we remember them as today.
  • The Fall of Sparta (400bc-222bc)
  • In 498bc Xerxes invaded Greece which was his fathers dying wish. The Battle of Thermopylae took place during this war, when 300 Spartans fought outnumbered 1-40. The Athenian navy defeated the Persian boats thanks to the Spartans buying time.
  • King Leonidas- FOR SPARTA!!
  • In 431bc the Peloponnesian war began between Athens and Sparta. This war sparked because the Corinth attacked Athens which then pulled Sparta in due to an alliance. General Lysander defeated the Athenian navy which caused Athens to surrender. This made Sparta the most powerful greek city state by far.
  • In 371bc the Battle of Leuctra started between the Spartans and Boeotians. Sparta never recovered from depopulation, weak army, and financial problems caused from the loss of the war. Sparta was overtaken by Achaean and macedonian forces. The king of Macedon then ceremonially walked the streets of Sparta.
  • Greetings people of Sparta