DNA Replication Cartoon
Updated: 1/28/2021
DNA Replication Cartoon

Storyboard Text

  • OK! Let me go to other workers and ask them how they are doing
  • Hello what is your name and what is your job in this project?
  • My name is Heli-case and I have to unbind the double stranded helix.
  • OK keep doing your job!
  • Hey, what are you doing
  • i’m trying to keep these two DNA strands apart
  • OK let me find him
  • Hey gyras did you see DNA premise anywhere while you were working
  • No I haven’t seen polymerase three because I was too busy stabilizing DNA
  • Wait primase
  • I need your help because I can’t add DNA nucleotides to the lagging strand since it goes from 5 'to 3' direction. But I can only add nucleotides in the direction of 3' to 5'
  • Yes what happened polymer three
  • Ok I will help you!
  • Thanks!!
  • No problem
  • First I will be adding RNA primers to the lagging strand and the leading strand so you can synthesize it.
  • I already added the RNA primer into the leading strand now you can start your work.
  • Thanks primers! I need help to build the lagging strand.
  • No Problem! I'll help
  • DNA polymerase three starts to build up the leading strand continuously.