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  • Análisis De Funciones
  • Exponential Functions
  • My name is Ceci Olivares
  • 20/04/2020
  • My name is Javier Palacios
  • My name is Belinda Seceñas
  • is a mathematical function of the following form: f ( x ) = a x. where x is a variable, and a is a constant called the base of the function.
  • ¿Whats an expotential function?
  • ¿? ¿What does it express?
  • This sort of equation represents what we call "exponential growth" or "exponential decay."
  • A function of the form f (x) = abˣ is also an exponential function, since it can be rewritten as abcˣ⁺ᴰ = (abᵈ) (bⅽ) ˣ
  • ¿Whats the equation of an exponential function?
  • 1) An exponent, which is the superscripted 2. 2) A base, which is the variable x. With exponential functions, the variable will actually be the exponent, with a constant as the base.
  • What do its elements mean?
  • The domain of exponential functions is all real numbers. The range is all real numbers greater than zero. The line y = 0 is a horizontal asymptote for all exponential functions. When a > 1: as x increases, the exponential function increases, and as x decreases, the function decreases.
  • ¿What is the domain and range of an expotential Function?
  • A simple exponential function like f(x)=2x has as its domain the whole real line. But its range is only the positive real numbers, y>0:f(x) never takes a negative value. Furthermore, it never actually reaches00 , though it approaches asymptotically as x goes to−∞.
  • By calculing the rate.For example: your house has 1200 terminates, what is the rate of growth?
  • Suppose you deposit $100 at APR of 12% compounded quarterly. How much do you have after 1 year? 2 years?
  • Real-life situation examples
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