Joan of Arc Storyboard
Updated: 3/23/2021
Joan of Arc Storyboard

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  • Our icon Joan of Arc was born in a small french village a peasant girl.
  • Miss Joan of Arc when she was thirteen claimed she heard the divine voices and saw visions of divine beings telling her to help Charles VII heir of Charles VI, be named the rightful king of France.
  • Since Joan heard these voices she convinced to let her dress as a man and she told him that God had sent her to fight against the English.
  • Joan led the liberation of Orleans, triumphed with other victories against the English, and soon Charles VII was crowned.
  • But a series of missteps, including her failure to liberate Paris followed, and on May 23, 1430, she was captured by the Duke of Burgundy’s men, jailed for more than a year and put on trial for charges including heresy, witchcraft and violating divine law for dressing like a man.
  • "...straying in many ways from our faith; and that in these ways you have rashly sinned against God and his Church.”On May 30, 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.