Oskar Shindler
Updated: 1/20/2020
Oskar Shindler
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  • On April 28, 1908, Oasker Shindler was born in Svitavy, Czechia. Oskar was the oldest of two children, He had a little sitter called Elfrida and his mom was called Louisa, and she brought up the kids and ran that household. His father was called Hans he ran a small factory in the town that they lived in. 
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  • There is trouble in the ghettos and that there were shootings, killings, and liquidation of the ghettos and that they were better off staying there until it was over. 
  • In 1935 when Oaskar was 27 he surprised his friends and family by wearing a swastika. He joined the Nazi party because it was good for business andhe wanted to make a lot of money. He Signed with the Ab fair the German Intelligence Agency were they sent Oskar to Krakoff, Poland, to pose as a businessman and then gather information on the Gestapo and the German army.
  • you see the people down the hill they carried stone they were digging in the hill he said look at them you see people in Egypt you Jewish people when they were enslaved and then they were freed Egypt this is what will happen to you, you will see you will be free from that hell
  • On September 1st, 1939 the Nazis stormed into Poland. One week later Oskar at 31 years old he arrived at Krakoff. Shindler understood that he could benefit from the Jews misfortune he began inquiring a formerly Jewish owned factory in the outskirts of Krakoff on the advice of Itzhak Stern a Jewish accountant he had met and he decided to disband that company with Stern running the books he started to product field kitchen wear.
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  • Oskar Shindler always wanted to make human contact with his workers not for information but for them not to feel like slaves or any different from him Shindler also warned his Jews of upcoming actions, calculated incidents were the Gestapo would terrorize and kill Krakoff’s Jews. The liquidation of tens of thousands of Jews from the ghettos in Krakoff had certainly a powerful emotional effect on Shindler
  • Osker Shindler spent many festive evenings in Gets villas overlooking the camp. If Oskar Shindler wasn’t a blend of evil and a black marketeer and savior he would have not saved them he had to have those traits to be a savior in a world were values were upside down. To Helen Jonas Rosen’s wife, a Jewish made at Gets villas Shindler’s close relationship with Göth and his concern of Jews was confusing
  • In the spring of 1944, Schindler's List some 1,100 workers were lucky enough to get their names on it they were Shindler’s Amalia factory, as well as the Plashoff labor camp Schindler was even to make, promises to Gets maid of getting her family.
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