Trying to save the world
Updated: 5/23/2020
Trying to save the world

Storyboard Text

  • Boy: Hey have you seen that there is a lot of pollution.Girl: Yeah I feel kind of bad for it, can we do something about it
  • Boy: But what we should do?Girl: We should start by cleaning everywhere where we find trash.
  • Boy: Also we can try to clean the ocean but it might take a lot of time.Girl: we shoul do everything that we can to start to save the world.
  • Boy: We ned help tooGirl: We should ask to a big company to help us.
  • Boy: Alright we can start now by saving everyone ad sve everyone.Girl: Also we should ask somebody to help us
  • Boy: Alright see you later, we need to save the wolrd Girls Alroght see you later