Bourbon trio and henry grady
Updated: 1/15/2021
Bourbon trio and henry grady

Storyboard Text

  • One of the bourbon trio meeting with Henry Grady
  • Hey grady, I heard that you were a salesman
  • Yes i am, and i was going to ask you to help me set a convetion that would show the northers that we are back and convince them to invest
  • The New and Improved railroads
  • As you can see, our railroads are one of the most advanced inn the country
  • The international cotton expo
  • As you can see the south has many ways of making cotton
  • Tom Grady is thinking of setting up a convention to convince the northerners to invest into the south so he could rebuild the economy.
  • The bourbon trio has Been focusing on improving certain areas and one of them is railroads
  • Henry Grady held an expo to lure in investors from the north to invest into the south which henry plans on making the south more industrial.