Owen's example of Confucius

Updated: 3/10/2021
Owen's example of Confucius

Storyboard Text

  • you are cracked at fortnite my guy thanks to my help
  • thank you so much. Thanks to you i got a victory royale.
  • i am having an amazing time playing minecraft with you.
  • me too
  • keep running maggots. you are all migdgets and can't play a game the right way!!!
  • let me help you cook.
  • Older brother helping younger brother win fortnite on pc for the first time.#boxedlikeafish,0earnings,nopr,sendyoubackto2020catchcovid,literallydogwater
  • thank you.
  • A dad playing minecraft with his son having a good time after playing catch for 10,000 hours straightfather and son#fatherandsonmoment
  • the coach telling how to play the game to his playersruler and ruled#badcoach
  • husband and wifehusband helping wife cook
  • friend and friend playing soccer.
  • friend and friend playing soccer