Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • Causes of the War
  • What?! Well take this!
  • I'm gonna take this.
  • Sides of the War
  • Weapons of the War
  • One of the causes from war was imperialism. During the war they all wanted more power and that would always cause conflict.
  • Weapons of War
  • The two main sides of the war was the Central Powers and Allied Powers. When the war began the Central Powers had the advantage because the started the war so they were more prepared.
  • Effects on the War
  • Were not supposed to have any contact but I hate your guts.
  • The machine gun was used for defensive purposes. It would mow down enemies coming towards the weapon making the defense a great offense.
  • Effects on the War
  • I hate you too.
  • Poisonus gas was used for trenches. The gas would kill those in the trenches or force them out. The gas did have some negatives. If it was windy then the gas is useless and couldn't be used. It was mainly used for offense.
  • A negative effect after the war was the relationship between Germany and Austria.
  • This could've been avoided if Germany left the war as early as Austria. This is so Germany wouldn't get blamed for causing the war.
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