sherlock chapter 6 comic lucia chiappero
Updated: 5/8/2020
sherlock chapter 6 comic lucia chiappero

Storyboard Text

  • You want to know what happened to one of these geese?You are interested in a white goose with a black tail.
  • It came here. We found something in it after it died.
  • Oh, sir. Where did that bird go to?
  • We know it was you, Ryder. Sit down, you look very weak.
  • I have one or two questions to ask. How did you hear of the Countess Morcar´s blue diamond?
  • Catherine Cusack, her maid, told me.
  • Horner is now going to prision because of you.
  • please, please don´t tell the police. I don´t want to go prision
  • How did the diamond get from the hotel into a goose?
  • I can´t have the diamond in my pocket. I decided to take my gooose and put it into the bird´s mouth
  • Get out! Be Quiet and get out
  • because it´s chrismas time and you have to make people good.
  • Oh, thank you sir!!
  • why did you let he go?