science rocks
Updated: 12/9/2020
science rocks

Storyboard Text

  • But before I start the cycle all over again, I need some coffee. Because boy am I tired!
  • Now I've been going through the process of erosion and weathering. So I'm slowly being crushed into sediment! That means tiny pieces of rock.
  • So you may be wondering why I look different. Well all the sediment of me went through another process called compaction and cementation. Now I'm a sedimentary rock. One of my characteristics are my layers.
  • Now I'm with my buddy Roy in the dessert under extreme heat. We are under lots of pressure and we're being mushed together!
  • Hey! I'm Roy!
  • Me and Roy are now one rock! We are a metamorphic rock. One characteristic of metamorphic rocks are the mineral grains that are lined up.
  • Well, we fell in a volcano. It's so hot in here. Ahh! We're melting! See we are becoming lava!