KE and PE Science
Updated: 12/10/2019
KE and PE Science
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  • Hi today we'll be talking about all kinetic and potential energy´s
  • Kinetic energy depends on mass and speed and Potential Energy depend on mass and height
  • Now Gravitational potential energy is energy that depends on height the higher you get the more potential energy you gain
  • Hi i'm his mom and ill tell you about Kinetic energy
  • At the top of the power tower i will the the most gravitational potential energy
  • Hey up here. Up here I have a lot of gravitational and potential energy.
  • Yeah and here on this Camel I have Kinetic energy because it is running and has lots of mass
  • And Sound Energy sound energy is the energy of Vibration like when were in a car and its vibrating and making sound
  • Thermal energy is the energy of heat and example of thermal energy is the suns geat it gives off
  • Ok That's all we know about all the energy come back next time to learn with me and my mom again
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