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Updated: 2/13/2021
scotus story bord

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  • OWW!!!
  • we need to do something!
  • We refuse!!!
  • After an official investigation in 1995, the Veronika school district discovered that some athletes were participating in illicit drug use. School officials were concerned that the use of these drugs would put athletes at a higher risk for sport related injuries.
  • Does random drug testing of high school athletes violate the reasonable search and seizure clause of the 4th amendment?
  • The school district of Oregon then adopted the Student Athlete drug police, mandating that all student athletes must comply to at random drug testing.
  • One student athlete by the name of James Acton was rejected from playing for his schools football program after him and his parents refused to consent to the drug testing.
  • Constitutional Question:
  • The court ruled that this was not a violation to the students' 4th amendment rights. They judged this case by "balancing the intrusion on the individual's Fourth Amendment interests against the promotion of legitimate governmental interests", and ruled that student athletes that are under the states supervision are "subject to greater control than free adults".
  • The court also ruled that there is no violation of privacy since the state of collection is similar to that of a public restroom, and only limited authorities view the results.