Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • Romulus killed Remus and made Rome in 753 Bc.This was one of the most powerful empires in history.
  • In Rome there were many people that were in charge. Soldiers were also highly respected when it came to power.
  • The Roman government went from 300 senate members, to 1 dictator during war for 6 months. 
  • The roman society was mostly centered around Greek things.They believed that there should be fair treatment of all people. They also believed thata strong army is key
  • There were 4 social classes. the lowest one was slaves and the highest one was Patricians. Slaves had no rights and had to work. the patricians were the government. They had many rights. 
  • In Judea that Rome has occupied, Christianity arose. It spread so much, that Rome madeit their second religion 
  • People that followed Christianity, had to also believe in the roman godswhich caused some problems with the firstcommandment.
  • The Romans had many problems when their empire was falling. Some of the problems were, political instability,high taxes, reliance on slave labor. In 284 Diocletian divides the empire.Many invasions came to this split.
  • Rome had many ideas that were beneficial to the future of the world. Some of these ideas included, the Arch, the aqueduct, the coliseum. They also had beliefs that people follow today.
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