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Updated: 3/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Martha Christina Tiahahu was born on 1800
  • My daughter is cute.
  • Hello
  • She joined the military against the Dutch when she was 17 because her father is a military captain.
  • March Forward !
  • Their troops succeeded burning the Duurstede Fort to the ground
  • Good Job, we did it
  • Source:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rvhaBob3yDwe9ZiWQnpu8wF_8Nh_YA4_/view
  • But they were captured but Martha wasn't punished because the Dutch thought that she was to young to do anything.
  • October 1817
  • Plant food for us
  • Her father was a military captain.
  • But Martha Christina was brave, she and 39 others fought against the Dutch and got captured again on December 1817.
  • December 1817
  • Oh-no
  • 2 January 1818
  • Duurtstede Fort was one of the Dutch fort.
  • While she was taken by a ship to Java, she got ill an refused to take any medicines and died on 2 January 1818
  • I think I'm sick
  • Martha Christina is courageous when she didn't give up and kept fighting after getting captured.
  • Psalm 31:24Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all you that hope in the LORD.
  • Source:https://www.testifygod.org/bible-verses-about-courage.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3duCBhCAARIsAJeFyPWwFKxkvB2o9KAuDj7bCnC-5Y2c_ivdhE8f1uEm9iBnbKpZ8mmvwewaAnfaEALw_wcB
  • No Thank you
  • Oh-no my daughter