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comic history
Updated: 10/13/2020
comic history
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  • After the defeat of Napoleon, the allied powers decided to return to the political and social situation prior to the French Revolution. This historical period is called the Restoration and it lasts until 1848 when the various revolutions that broke out in Europe made this system unviable.
  • Ok then you have to proclaim it now
  • How will we restore Europe?
  • First it would be to restore the territories of each country to how they were before
  • Yes and I propose to impose 4 principles that are the columns so that people know what it takes to return everything to its place
  • To ensure the restoration of Europe and the 4 principles, great alliances were made between the most important: the Holy Alliance and the Quadruple Alliance.
  • The Holy Alliance arose after Napoleon's return to power, when the diplomats gathered in Vienna realized that the danger had not yet been averted. In 1815, Tsar Alexander I and the Austrian Chancellor Metternich promoted it, joining Guillermo III of Prussia. The following year, Napoleon defeated, France and Spain joined. The alliance revolved around two concepts: religion and the paternalism of the monarchs towards their subjects.
  • The following year, Napoleon defeated, France and Spain joined.
  • get it out!
  • run it!
  • The forces of liberalism and nationalism ended up demolishing the building built by the Restoration. The first could not be eradicated by the internal and international repressive apparatuses and was growing in Europe, while the second became very strong in response to the borders and agreements that have not taken into account the wishes of the peoples.
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