Drake Meets Sinatra #1

Drake Meets Sinatra #1
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  • Isn't that Drake?
  • HEYY!!
  • AHHH!
  • How do you know all this?
  • DRAKE!!!
  • BE MINE!!
  • we went to the same school. Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. But then he went to this other school, I think it was Vaughan Road Academy
  • It is, Aubrey Drake Graham. His parents divorced when he was like 5 I think. He was bullied alot in school because of religion stuff, it was crazy.
  • I know you love music but don't think to much about it
  • I come here to relax! but with this rapper with his so call music! its Hard!
  • I need someone who can relate
  • Yea....
  • Frank? Like Chairman of the Board" Frank?
  • Wait Wait, Your dead! 1998! ....But how!?
  • Thats good but I'm still confused how your here
  • These are some of the new artist ,not sure if you know but its okay. But I invited a Few to see if they could help me or give me ideas
  • Don't worry about that. So this is how the world looks like now. pretty amazing! You having a party or something?
  • I heard that you have some problems so I'm here to help!
  • Hey Drake! It's me frank Sinatra!
  • Ah I see. Gotcha
  • Bustin' all the bells out the boxI just hit a lick with the boxHad to put the stick in a box, mmh
  • First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil
  • 21, 21, 21, 21, 21
  • I ain't jokin', do it sound like I'm kiddin'?I've been makin' like two thousand a minute
  • Huh?, What?, Hello?,
  • No, they will all leave soon. You can stay the night since you have no where to go I'm guessing. And yeah its a big place, I call it the The Embassy. I build it in 2017! 35,000 Square Foot!
  • I know who you are Frank. You won several awards and a legend. But how are you going to help me with this?
  • Wow its crazy to think your here. I know you were a Big Actor and you also went to WWII and came back and got a lot of praise
  • Yeah, I first joined this group called the 3 Flashes, that was the start of it. years later I made my first first appearance in Las Vegas at the Desert Inn in 1951. And in 1953 I signed with Capital Records. Years later I won a lot of Grammys for my Albums. But yeah, so are your friends staying over? You got a Big place for everyone!
  • Music is something you don't think about. It's something you feel. I never learned to read music. I just did what I felt inside. that's music drake
  • Thank you, I like it!
  • All I see is Helicopters
  • I woke up, couple mil' on my plate
  • Tell me why? Tell me why? Its so hard to say goodbye
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