ransom of red cheif
Updated: 10/5/2018
ransom of red cheif
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  • Exposition
  • conflict
  • Rising action
  • The story starts off with sam describing the surroundings. After that he introduces himself and Bill Driscoll. They tell us about there kidnapping plan, they were gonna snatch a kid and demand two thousand dollars. 
  • climax
  • One night they drove a horse and carriage out to the home of the boy. The boy was in the street being mean and throwing rocks at a cat. Bill tries to lure the boy in but it fails, so he grabs the boy and they ride up and off to the mountains to hide.
  • falling action
  • They settle down for a bit with the kid. They play with him to keep him entertained while they wait for someone to notice his absence. It takes a whole day but soon the whole town knows he's disappeared.
  • resolution
  • They held the boy captive, he started to get on there nerves, annoying them. After a while they demanded the split ransom from the father wanting the child off their hands.
  • They sent the ransom and waited for a reply. Soon a young boy dropped the response off in a box and it was the father saying they had to pay him to take his son back.
  • The men took the boy back home at night, paid the father the money he demanded and gave him his son back. They quickly left not wanting to deal with the boy any longer.
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