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Embracing the unknown
Updated: 1/21/2020
Embracing the unknown
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  • Me? Audition for a play? Now that's funny Zach.
  • Come on Ananda it'll be fun! I know it's scary, but it's junior year!
  • Don't you think it's time for you to put yourself out there and take risks?
  • Role of MelissaMelissa is a girl who is full of mischief and comes up with clever schemes to make people perceive their mistakes. - skillful - courageous - comical - determined
  • I don't think I can do this anymore. What if I mess up and make a fool out of myself?
  • One Thursday afternoon, Zach asked his best friend Ananda toaudition in the new school play with him.
  • Zach eventually convinces Ananda to audition. She was still a little bit reluctant, but she knew Zach was right. It was time for her to try things she's never done before. She received the script and decided on the character she was going to play.
  • A few days before the audition, Ananda was freaking out and pacing around her room. She doubted herself more and more as each day went on and didn't believe that she could do it.
  • Ananda eventually calmed down and told herself that everything was going to be okay. She decided that no matter what happens, she should be proud of herself for stepping out of her comfort zone. She then practiced her lines everyday in the mirror until she knew them like the back of her hand.
  • On the day of the audition, Ananda was extremely nervous, but she took one last deep breath and stepped on stage. She pulled through and recited her lines as she practiced. After all, she was proud of herself for putting herself out there and taking on such a huge challenge.
  • In the end, Ananda and Zach got their parts in the play. They met the other theatre kids and made many friends. They all performed the play after months of rehersals and it was a great success! Ananda learned that she shouldn't fear failure. She continued to take risks, discover herself, and Embrace the Unknown.
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