Mattie's Background Story
Updated: 11/17/2020
Mattie's Background Story

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  • “...he had married a Stamford girl and succeeded to her father’s thriving ‘drug’ business.”(pg. 31)
  • You should find someone to help with the housework
  • Okay
  • “Unhappily, Orin Silver, a man of far-reaching aims, had died too soon to prove that the end justifies the means.”(pg. 31)
  • “His wife died of the disclosure, and Mattie, at twenty, was left alone to make her way on the fifty dollars obtained from the sale of her piano.”(pg.31)
  • “...Zenobia’s doctor recommended her looking about to find some one to help her with the housework...and so Mattie came to Starkfield.”(pg.32)