Updated: 6/5/2020
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  • How Does Improving Your Social, Physical, and Mental/Emotional Well Being Improve Overall Wellness? By: Raysa RomeroOverall wellness is something very important that people should strive for to live a better and healthier lifestyle. But to get there we must first better our social, physical, and mental/emotional wellness each which contributes to our wellness overall.When we better our social, physical, mental/emotional health they all affect each other if you better one them you better all of them. Social wellness can be improved by being a good friend, honoring your commitments, and taking care of yourself which ties into physical wellness. Physical wellness is how you take care of yourself, ways to improve this are by doing exercise, eating a balanced diet, and good hygiene. Next on the list is mental/emotional wellness this one is very important to be able to thrive in social and physical wellness, you have to take care of your mind you can do this be taking time to yourself and talking things out. The biggest issue that will affect your mental health is stress by talking things out and being open minded you will be able to overcome it.Improving these aspects in your life will lead to overall wellness but how does it tie in? By improving your menatal health you will happier with yourself which leads to you being confident and helps build relationships which is social health. When you care about your social health you will care about physical health or how you present yourself. Not only will this help you achieve overall wellness but peace within yourself.
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