Updated: 8/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • After Endorsement
  • "Maayong buntag Ma'am. Ako diay si Oona ang inyuhang student nurse karong adlawa"
  • VS Taking
  • "Ma'am, karon kay kuwaon nako ang imuhang temp ug bp. Kani sya kay iipit lang nako sa tudlo nimo (refers to pulse ox)."
  • IV level
  • I will now got to the patient and introduce myself.
  • Charting
  • RR: 25..
  • Proceed to getting the patient's vital signs, specifically the temp, RR, PR, BP, O2 sat and CRT.
  • History Taking and PA
  • "Hi Ma'am. Karon kay tanawon lang nako ang imuhang kondisyon. "(Verbalize what to do for every action done to the patient)
  • Check IV level hourly. Instruct the patient to monitor her intake by providing a cup (w/ measurements), and output by providing an empty IV level bottle. I'll also check her O2 regulator if it is set to 2L/min and if NC is properly attached. I'll also check or place her in high back rest, as well as an initial assessment (checking for signs of dyspnea) before leaving.
  • After Lunch Break
  • "Ma'am, pwede na ba nako pangayuon ang lista nimo katong gipahimo nako? (for intake and output)"
  • Record VS. Go back to interview patient and do physical assessment.
  • Ask health history. Do PA (e.g. auscultate lung sounds). Provide health teachings (e.g. smoking cessation, deep breathing). Once done, go to station and proceed with FDAR. After, administer medications (if allowed), teach pt. proper way to use nebulizer. After nebulization, do CPT. Record nursing actions in chart. Continue to monitor patient.
  • VS taking and charting. Continue to monitor IV level and patients condition. Watch out for dyspnea and cyanosis. Get total intake and output of patient for the shift. Say good bye to patient once shift is done.