Water Cycle
Updated: 3/12/2020
Water Cycle
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  • Windon is a water drop in the ocean waiting to be evaporated. "It sure takes takes a long time!" Windon said. Brother was next to him too. He was also waiting to be evaporated. Brother is young and asked Windon this... "What is evaporation?" "Its when the sun heats us up and we turn from a liquid to a gas and we touch the sky!" Windon replied. But brother was scared. "Dont worry itll be fun!" Windon said.
  • Time has past since then. Windon gets a wierd feeling. He feels warmer than usual. And hes becoming very awoken... It finnaly caught to him. He knew he was evaporating, so he said his goodbye to Brother and was lifted up to the sky. He could finnaly see the world. He said "OH MY!"
  • "WOW! I love this!" Said Windon as he drifted through the wind. He's never been up here before in his life, and there was just so much, he spinned! Just then he spotted some particles in the air, he clinged to a dust particle and became a cloud. There were other clouds just like him, and there were clouds that were raining down. He was up there for a long time, He thought "Will I ever get down?"
  • He starts feeling heavy, hes gathering a lot of water. "Its time that I go, fall back down as snow." He falls down slowly, he sees his new friends drift. Thats okay though, im a glacier now. Time to settle in and hopefully gets back home.
  • The sun heats Windon up, but not all the way, hes not steam yet, its probobly cause its not completly day. He melts into the river and flows straight down. Windon spots an animal and that animal looks thirsty, he got drank up this was a fun journey.
  • Hes been in there for a very long time, "Oh here we go" He said as he strted to run. Im out! and im part of the soil. Wait, Whos that, is he Little Brother? Brother said the same, were you in the soil?
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