the trickster
Updated: 3/11/2020
the trickster

Storyboard Text

  • Hello starling city, ready or not here I come!
  • Yay you're home, now you can take me out
  • I have so much homework to do. Ugh I'm so hungry, So I'm going to eat first.
  • There was a guy who called himself the trickster, he liked pranks, and puns.
  • Hi Hungry, I'm dad!
  • Dad I'm hungry!
  • Sadley the the trickster was Henry's dad.
  • I just wanted some food!
  • One time after a long day of school Henry comes home starving.
  • Hey son! Let's Taco 'bout this later. Alright!
  • Why dad, why!?
  • He enters the kitchen to find his dad there, ready to make one of his horrible puns again!
  • Henry's day was bad enough, but his dad saying something like that only made his day worse!
  • Henry went into his room but his dad followed him with some food that he asked for.