Coffee Subscription
Updated: 11/19/2020
Coffee Subscription

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  • Victoria Tompson is a coffee fanatic who recently moved. Her new neighborhood is nice enough but the roasters in her previous neighborhood really had coffee down to an art.
  • Coffee lovers your bean woes are over...
  • Victoria is particular about her coffee and, since moving, prefers to brew it herself. The new local roasters can't quite get the same flavor she loves. The trip back to her old neighborhood might be worth it if traffic wasn't so terrible.
  • Victoria's coworker notices her coworker's glumness and can't offer any solutions except, "Get it together!" This doesn't help Victoria but she resolves to get over it but decides to bid her old coffee a final farewell.
  • Victoria goes to the web site of her old coffee haunt and sees a big badge stating "Newly featured in !" with a link. Unsure what is Victoria discovers a newly launches site offering a coffee subscription for all sorts of local roasters.
  • Joy of Joys! Victoria's old neighborhood roasters are able to ship all her favorites right to her home! She also sees several offerings from other roasters she may have missed. Victoria scrambles to sign up, selecting her old favorites for her first shipment and a selection of recommendations for the next shipment.
  • Victoria quickly reverts to her usual self and her coworker once more asks what's up. Victoria can barely contain her glee at the Local Roast, shows her current order and what she's getting next month. Her coworker looks vaguely disappointed at her own coffee and thinks about checking it out once the office pot is empty. No one ever refills it.
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