Updated: 2/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey look there! That must be the aircraft that our friends boarded who are migrating are for higher studies .
  • Is migration same as movement.I have read in stories animals do move for many reasons....
  • Ohh? What's migration? Is migrating so easy ???
  • Migration is the movement of people from one geographical location to another. Usually, when people migrate, they move for permanent residence.
  • There are many types of migration: In International migration there is Immigration and Emigration.
  • Immigration is the movement of people into a host country and emigration is the movement out of a home country.
  • That's something new to me- but why did your friends want to leave their home country and move to a unknown country?
  • Dear you are an Inquirer! People move for a variety of reasons. That brings us to push and pull factors. Push factors are those that drive people out to a new location and pull factors are those that draw people into a new location.
  • Sometimes however, people don't have a choice about whether they leave their country or not. Many people are affected by religion, war and natural disasters amongst other things. This forced movement is called involuntary migration.
  • When people do have a choice about whether they can stay or leave their country, it is known as voluntary migration.
  • Oh! Thanks for sharing the understanding . Immigration gives us the opportunities in a new country and such people are called Immigrants.