English Story Board
Updated: 6/1/2021
English Story Board

Storyboard Description

Novel Summative Storyboard/Comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Get out of my house!!
  • Afghanistan need more thug like you
  • Leave him alone!
  • "Why did you go to England for your education?"
  • "Stop! Stop it! We'll go now! We'll go!"
  • Get out of here!
  • When Parvana gets home, Mother and Nooria clean again because they have nothing else to do. The Taliban enters while the family is dining and arrests the father since he is a well-educated man who studied in England. Parvana yells at the Taliban, begging them to let her father go free.
  • The next day, mother and Parvana go to the prison to reclaim their father, and the mother pulls out a photo of him and gives it to the guards, who beat her and send her home. They had to walk because they couldn't board the train because they didn't have a male companion. uh.
  • Cut Noria's hair, she's the oldest
  • "I'll cut it, Let's do it now, Parvana. Thinking about it won't make it any easier."
  • When a Talib approached Parvana as she walked to the market, she first went to the naan vendor and then to the fruit booth. Because Parvana was a woman and did not wear a burqa, the Talib was disputing with her.
  • I am a letter reader
  • Read this
  • Ms Wheera helped the mother with depression and they got their mother back