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Updated: 12/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Dorothy the DolphinBy: Maya Goss
  • "Yeah, I'm sure we will be fine."
  • I wish I was like all the other dolphins
  • "Did you hear about how we might need to migrate?"
  • "Nothing. I just want to be normal."
  • "Dorothy, you're lucky to be pink. All of us blue dolphins are getting eaten and are having trouble adapting."
  • "Hey Dorothy! What's wrong?"
  • The next day....
  • "You didn't hear? They all migrated. They couldn't camouflage here."
  • "Hey Ali! What happened to all the blue dolphins?"
  • "Don't worry though, more pink dolphins are coming."
  • "So what happens now? Are there only going to be pink dolphins here?"
  • "Adapt means to develop traits over time that will help you survive better in your environment."
  • "Well for the most part. All the blue dolphins who stay will have a harder time surviving and will have to adapt."
  • "What does adapt mean?"
  • Three years later....
  • "Mom tell us about the blue dolphins"
  • "Thats a story for another day kids."
  • "Yeah!"