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Updated: 1/11/2021
Midas Storyboard

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  • Many years ago, there was a King named Midas that lived in a great palace. Midas was very greedy and wanted to be very powerful.
  • One day, Midas found a Satyr in his garden, the Satyr stayed at his palace for a week and entertained him, and sent him back to Dionysus at the end of the week
  • Thank you for keeping him safe! I will gift you anything!
  • I want for anything that I touch to become gold!
  • King Midas quickly learned the problem with his wish, and saw that his greed was getting to him. His daughter ran up and hugged him, and she was turned to gold.
  • King Midas wept for his daughter, she was his pride and joy, and he begged Dionysus to reverse his wish. Dionysus gave him instructions to wash off in a river, so he did.
  • King Midas' wish was reversed, and his daughter was no longer made of gold. King Midas learned his lesson to not be extremely greedy.