storiboard anglais
Updated: 1/27/2021
storiboard anglais

Storyboard Text

  • OMG!!!!you are so crazy
  • omg do you hear?
  • i find avery stranger old the time
  • really are you sure ?
  • oh shit, it's a girls
  • ok mr. Jordan
  • avery in my office !
  • oh god
  • oh, look at that
  • One weeks later avery hit jessica to take revenge.
  • you musn't hit people
  • i'm sorry
  • In the corridor tyler and peter heard a girl shout in the corridor and this two girl are avery and jessica.
  • sorry but i don't like you because you are a nasty girl
  • i'm sorry
  • tyler no...... please
  • The headmaster come break the girls and tyler and peter come see what happens.
  • OMG!!!!!
  • After the fight avery is in the principal's office.
  • Before the holidays tyler decides to leave avery because he doesn't like her.
  • After the holidays jessica and tyler are dating and decide to kiss in front of avery.