Seidemann-IR storyboard
Updated: 4/13/2021
Seidemann-IR storyboard

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  • The Boy
  • Who was that boy you were talking to at work today?
  • Oh um...he's no one mother
  • Worrying
  • Oh goldy what am I to do? If my mother finds out Im dating Jack, she will have a fit!!!
  • Runaway
  • I am so scared my other will find out about us!!!
  • We should run away together!! It will be fun and we can spend the rest of our lives together
  • Sadie's mother sees her daughter talking to a boy in church and her mother doesn't let her date so she gets concerned.
  • Sadie worries that her mom will find out she has a boyfriend.
  • Sadie and Jack decide he
  • Where is Sadie? I haven't seen her all day!!
  • Yes me neither!! I'm worried
  • You know I love you but I'm not sure if running away is the best option.
  • Trust me, we wont regret this
  • Someone pls help!!! My daughter is missing!!!!