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Celtic Creation Story
Updated: 9/24/2020
Celtic Creation Story
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  • Out of the darkness were born Donn and Danu.
  • They looked at each other with so great a passion that they locked together in an inseparable embrace.
  • Donn and Danu soon bore children. After some time, one of their sons, Briain, decided that he had to break apart his parents so he and his siblings could live.
  • With Danu's blessing, Briain slayed his father, cutting him up into 9 pieces. These pieces would form the world.
  • A horrified Danu wept, sweeping away her children. One of these bouts of crying gave life to a reincarnated Donn, in the form of an acorn.
  • The acorn grew into a tree. Another grew into Donn's brother, Finn. As Danu wept, Donn tried to stretch his branches up to heaven to dry her tears.
  • Berries fell from Donn; these became the first humans.
  • Finn proposed that they should bring death to the humans. Donn disagreed, and they fought. Finn was struck down.
  • When he realized what he had done, Donn was overwhelmed by pain. His heart burst and his body was torn apart. This renewed the world.
  • Death came to the world. Donn became the god of the Otherworld, where dead souls go, while Danu became the goddess of heaven. 
  • And still, separated by our plane of existence, they continue their love.
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