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the mayan civilization
Updated: 5/21/2020
the mayan civilization
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  • Introduction
  • Hierarchy
  • Hierarchy
  • My Name is Itzel. I live in the Mayan civilization (near modern-day Mexico). It is around 899 CE. I am in a family of nobles, which is a very respected position in our hierarchy. We nobles are influences to the king. I live in the urban center of this city state. We own dogs, since the animals domesticated in our civilization are dogs and turkeys.
  • Religion
  • This is a merchant. She tracks her sales by writing what she sold in the stone block by her side. She is selling iron, gold, marble, wood, turkeys, corn, and vases. The little girl is a slave. Slaves are at the bottom of the hierarchy, since they have no power. Artisans and merchants are close behind them. Priests and Nobles are higher up then artisans and merchants, and the people at the very top are the royal family.
  • What made the Mayan Civilization unique
  • The people with the most power are kings and queens. Nobles like me are the second highest in our hierarchy. We have less power than the kings and queens, but more power than priests, who also have some power. Merchants, artisans, and slaves are at the bottom, because they have no power. The way to get into a position of power is to be born into the royal family.
  • The fall of the Mayan civilization
  • Religion is very important in this civilization. We are advanced in astronomy because we thought the stars told us what the gods were doing. Many of our scientific discoveries were based on our want to understand the gods better. Religion and power are connected in many ways. For example, Priests have power because of religion.
  • What Made this civilization successful is probably its great achievements. It was the first civilization to have writing and to use the number zero. Mayans created an accurate calendar and discovered astronomy, along with many other great things. The Mayan civilization is probably the most interesting ancient civilization.
  • The Mayan civilization fell in 900 CE when the Spanish invaded. The fall of Maya was different than what happened with many other civilizations, since there was a royal family for each city-state and no central authority. That made the Spanish have to conquer each city-state until they had all of the land. The Mayan civilization was incredible, and they contributed to many of the things we have today. 
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