Tears of a Tiger Storyboard
Updated: 3/13/2020
Tears of a Tiger Storyboard

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  • Andy
  • Andy was the driver in the car accident and now he is suffering from depression after killing his best friend.
  • Strengths: Trying to deal with realityWeakness: Depression
  • Defining Moment: Car Accident
  • Psychologist: "Do you find yourself depressed very often?"Andy: "Yeah, sometimes i don't even want to get out of bed" pg.89
  • Did I kill Rob?
  • Will I be remembered?
  • "I, Robert Orlando Washington, will be makin' billions of dollars playin' for the N.B.A.!" pg.3
  • Robbie was in the friend group and was killed in the car accident. 
  • Strength: Remembered as a great person Weakness: Car Accident Death
  • Defining Moment: Car Accident
  • Robbie
  • Defining moment: First prayer to god after accident.
  • "Dear Lord, this is me, B.J. Carson. You know the one You made too short. But that's okay; I know you You had Your reasons. I know I don't pray very often, but I feel like I need to pray or something." pg. 15
  • Will god forgive me?
  • B.J. is in the friend group and also in the car accident, but he does not drink.B.J. is trying to connect with god.
  • Strength: Finding relationship with godWeakness: Finding a girl 
  • B.J.