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Science // Tim's // Period 2 // Nahome Fitwi // Science comic
Updated: 1/8/2020
Science // Tim's // Period 2 // Nahome Fitwi // Science comic
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  • In this situation, the tree is on fire which is making the ice melt making it a physical change. If you just take the water back and keep in a cooler area the ice will come back
  • Another physical change is this broken bottle that has cracked in front of this store. The glass could be put back together if you really had the effort and time.
  • Candles are a physical change. The melting of the wax makes it a physical change because it stays what it formed from the beginning.
  • A chemical change is something that can't be undone. So, theses pieces of wood are burning and making it harder to make it wood again.
  • If you can see in the distance, the red fireworks are shooting into the city of New York (NYC). Once fireworks explode you can take back all the materials that are used back to make another explosion.
  • Cooking eggs can change the mixture from inside the egg to some good crispy scrambled eggs for breakfast.
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