Natural selection
Updated: 3/18/2020
Natural selection

Storyboard Description

An easy way to visually represent natural selection.

Storyboard Text

  • Yo, Mr Hummingbird! What's good?
  • Actually, dude, everything sucks right now. :(
  • What's with the sad words, my guy? :(
  • Well, I can't find food, man. There's no nectar.
  • Bro just eat bugs and seeds like my girl and I over here. :D
  • Doesn't work like that. My beak's made for nectar :/
  • What happens if you never find food?
  • I die without making kids, bro. :(
  • Babe, I think Jerry starved to death!
  • Not Jack! What do we do now???
  • Make babies? That was your plan?
  • Works for me and the population of our kind :D