global 9
Updated: 11/25/2019
global 9

Storyboard Text

  • Noran looks for something valuable to for gold
  • lets see if there are valuables in the Temple?
  • He takes a valuable goblit from the temple of the gods
  • This looks priceless
  • 20g is the most i can do
  • The Next MorningHe tries to sell it to a vendor
  • I want more gold for it, NOW!
  • But he is not happy with the price so he steals the vendors gold stash and runs
  • Noo! Give it back Thief, I'll give you 30g!!!
  • But posidion Threatens to destroy his town unless he returns the stolen items
  • Yes Posidion i Will, please don't causedestruction to the people for my bad deed, i'll never steal again
  • Give back the Gold, and return the Goblet to the temple
  • So Norman Returns the stolen items
  • Thank You